Our Christians In Crisis (CIC) Mission Team  returned back to the USA late Saturday (February 1, 2014) from our mission trip to the Philippines' Central regions of Samar and Leyte, which were devastated by the strongest typhoon (super storm Haiyan) that ever made landfall in history. To see the trail of destruction and talk to the very people who were directly affected by the super typhoon was quite an emotional and challenging experience.

Thank GOD with us for the opportunity and the privilege to have ministered to hundreds of pastors and their families. We learned first-hand that pastors were among the many thousands who died and just like many survivors, pastors also lost members of their own families. 

The widespread devastation that super-typhoon Haiyan left on its trail, affected everyone of the pastors who attended our conferences in the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc. They lost their homes and church facilities.

Young and old alike have their own sad and traumatic story to tell. It was a very challenging and heart-breaking experience to minister to these pastors who displayed great hope in the Lord and their resilience in the faith despite their heavy losses and trying circumstances.

The road to recovery is monumental and the resources are few and limited. But we thank and praise GOD that we were able to reach out to the survivors with a medical mission team and were also able to distributed plenty of relief goods including basic ministry tools and equipment to help pastors with their recovery and rebuilding work. 

We had no access to email in the places where we ministered and conducted much of our mission work. It feels good to be back home where we find ourselves very much blessed with everything we need for life and godliness. GOD is good and gracious to us here in America and to everyone who calls upon His Name.

Please continue in your prayers with us for the suffering people from the Central Islands of the Philippines. Pray also for our healing and quick recovery from our mission trip. Our CIC Team USA wants to express our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to all of you who prayed for us and supported our mission trip with your gifts in kind and your financial giving. Together, we all made a huge difference for the praise, honor and glory of our Heavenly FATHER and the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

CIC continues to raise funds to support our missions projects overseas, especially in the Philippines.

Donations may be directed and addressed to: Christians In Crisis, PO Box 293627 Sacramento, CA 95829.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May YAHWEH's countenance be upon you and grant you His peace.

Gratefully HIS and Joyfully Yours,

Pastor Wally Magdangal

Romans 12:9-13 and Galatians 6:9-10












These are all the volunteers who joined together in reaching out and ministering GOD's love to all the pastors and their families who were affected by the rampage of Super-Typhoon Haiyan.












Portable Shure Mini Mic-Amplifiers were distributed to hundreds of pastors for their church work.












Everyone of the hundreds of pastors and ministry workers joyfully received a Bible each.












Hundreds of ministers received cash donations given by American Churches.
























Umbrellas are a luxury to these precious saints who often experience heavy rains & typhoons.