2013 March

India Innocent Pastor Home After 8 Years Jail
Church of Iran Denies Jailed Members Follow Cult Leader
Imprisoned Iranian-American Pastor Gets Push from State Dept.
Massive Bail Required of Christian Prisoners in Iran
Emerging from rebel takeover in the Central African Republic
Tense security situation in Mali
Egypt: Christians attacked, left for dead after protesting Muslim Brotherhood
Central African Republic Christians Trapped In Deadly Clashes, Looting
Sudan Christian Jailed As Deadly Violence Spreads
SGA says religious freedom restrictions common throughout Central Asia
Easter threats, rise of Islam fueling attacks on Tanzanian Christians
12-year-old girl rescued by a Christian Organization in India from the clutches of her perpetrators who were selling off her virginity
Religious Fanatics Invade Home, Brutally Attack Indian Christians during Holy Week
Hmong Christian Leader in Vietnam Beaten to Death in Police Custody, Sources Say Electrical Shock Torture Suspected
Central African Republic: Radio Station Looted and Off Air after Coup
Bombings in Sudan Kill Christians, Destroy Church Building as Sudanese government continues terrorizing its own citizens
Town Demolishes Church Officials say church lacked permit
Iraq: When the Lights Go Off and the Dust Settles
Church of Iran: ‘Don’t Forget Jailed Lawyer’
Rogue Soldier in Nigeria Allegedly Kills Infant, 5-year-old
UN Human Rights Council Approves Inquiry to Investigate Human Rights Abuses in Korea
Iranian Islamic clerics warn that Christian Booklets Are Being distributed throughout the country in a 'Wave of Evangelism'
Iran: Imprisoned Pastor after Beatings and Torture Said He Didn't Recognize Himself
Secretary of State Kerry Calls for Pastor Saeed’s Release
ChinaAid March 2013 Newsletter
Christian Victims of Riot Damage in Pakistan Disillusioned, Fearful
Pakistan: Christian Homes and Churches Set A Blaze
Mob led by Buddhist monks surrounds church, threatens pastor and his family in SRI-LANKA
More Christians arrested in ERITREA
Nigeria - Kano bus bomb prompts religious leaders to joint call for urgent measures

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