2016 September

Iran: The Persian identity: in Allah or Christ?
A Syrian refugee and two displaced Iraqis use their skills to survive after losing everything
Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand continue to protest UNHCR ‘unfair’
Iran: Pastor Saeed Abedini shared Gospel with prison official while he waited at airport for ‘ransom’ money to arrive
Run over by US tank, run out of his home by IS: Iraqi monk's own experience helps others
North Korea: Gospel permeating the ironclad country
The Church’s growth-spurt in a surprising country
Authorities in Turkey Arrest Killers in Malatya Slayings
Arrest of Christian Workers in Sudan Serves Islamist Regime as Warning to Others
After Nine Years, Killers in Malatya, Turkey Slayings Are Convicted, Sentenced
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 377
Woman in Uganda Beaten Unconscious for Attending Church Service
Iraq: When Mosul is freed, Christians may face a new crisis
Muslims Shoot Father of Kidnapped Christian Woman in Pakistan
Ethiopia: Muslim husband viciously attacks wife for leaving Islam
Nigeria: ‘We are in a catastrophe’
Nigeria: Boko Haram guns down Christians leaving church
Pakistan: Christian family freed after they were enslaved borrowing money for eldest daughter’s marriage
‘Safe zone’ for Iraqi Christians: a good idea?
What does the inside of a refugee camp in Lebanon look like?
Pakistan: Christian boy, 16, arrested for Kaaba ‘blasphemy’
Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are being targeted by the UNHCR through 'disturbing' policy change
Syrian aid quieted by ceasefire
Muslim in Ethiopia Attacks Wife for Leaving Islam
Central African Republic (CAR): Another Massacre
Muslim Rebels Massacre Christians in Central African Republic
Pakistani Christian teenager raped and murdered; his dead body was hung from a tree
International: Freedom of religion or belief ‘the defining issue of our time’
Hungary opens first ever office to tackle Christian persecution

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