Date:  January 4, 2020

Vietnam (International Christian Concern) – A parish in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam has been granted “buildings of historical value” status, ending a long controversy between the local government and Catholics.

In October 2015, city officials planned the demolition of one of the parish’s school buildings. The Community of Lovers of the Holy Cross’ nuns stood firm and eventually the authorities retreated. In May 2018, the chairman of the city’s committee authorized for all nine plots of land to be seized and utilized for commercial use. As Ho Chi Minh sought to grow into a global city, local parishes like this one stood in the way.

Finally, the Community of Lovers of the Holy Cross was declared a historical site in 2019 and therefore will not face demolition to make way for new structures. Although the church is safe, about 15,000 families have reportedly been forced from their homes and relocated due to real estate agents seeking new revenue.

The church, which has stood since 1859, will continue to serve its community.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for provision for the families that have been forced to relocate. Praise God that the church was not demolished. Pray for an end to similar church disputes in Vietnam.