Date:                  January 21, 2020


What would it be like to know that because of your faith, you—and your family—were a target of the government, relatives and community members, and violent killers?

For the men, women and children living in the countries on the newly released 2020 World Watch List—especially the top 10 where persecution is extreme—these risks are their reality. In many of these places, life is already difficult. Making the choice to follow Jesus makes things even harder, putting your family’s lives and your livelihood in jeopardy.

And in certain countries like North Korea, Afghanistan and Somalia, becoming a Christian is a death sentence. You can learn about the 10 most dangerous countries for Christians here.

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It’s difficult to think about. But then I read our stories of real people—our brothers and sisters—and how they are saying “yes” to Christ, knowing the consequences of their decision. 

By reading their stories, learning about their countries and the risks they take, and through prayer … we let our brothers and sisters know they’re not alone. We let them know we are all part of one Family and one Church. And that we are answering Jesus’ prayer in John 17, that we would be “one, in complete unity.”

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about these 10 countries and use these insights to support and pray with your family. And please check out the 2020 World Watch List of all 50 countries. You can click on each country and learn what’s happening in each one. We’ve worked hard to give you a useful tool.
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Through our Savior, every Christian living in North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia and the rest of the 50 countries are our family. Let’s help them feel that reality in 2020!

Lindy Lowry
editor, Open Doors Weekly