Date:                 January 21, 2020



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Top News from Around the World

Order issued to close church building in Oran, Algeria (Evangelical Focus)

China’s Courts Continue to Punish Falun Gong Adherents for Their Faith​ (Epoch Times)
Underground bishop Msgr. Cuitai freed. He will be re-arrested after the Chinese New Year​ (
Battered but Resilient After China’s Crackdown (NYT)

Ululations at Cathedral, tears in Fao (Watani)

Repeal CAA, Punjab urges Centre in House resolution (The Hindu)

People’s Possible visit to Indonesia, East Timor, and PNG (Catholic Weekly)

Christians in Iraq welcome 2020 with confidence and desire for change (Al-Monitor)

An Iraq for All: Improving the Status of Assyrians in the Iraqi Constitution (API)

Iran's Regime Arrests Famous Christian Convert in Tehran (Jerusalem Post)

Christian convert, 65, sentenced to three years in prison (Article 18)

Excessive religious rituals affects student performance, parents complain (FreeMalayiaToday)

G25: Apostasy a major sin, but Constitution provides freedom of worship for Muslims too (Malay Mail)

Boko Haram kills CAN chairman in Adamawa

Pakistani far-right activists sentenced over blasphemy protests (Al Jazeera)

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: Walid Abu Al-Khair and Khalid Al-Omair remain on hunger strike (GCHR)
Saudi Arabia runs squalid, abusive jails for women disowned by their male guardians — a forgotten chapter in its rush to champion women's rights (Insider)

AKP, MHP councilors vote down proposal to recognize cemevis as places of worship (Ahval)
Family of Chaldean priest kidnapped, missing for 10 days (Bianet)
Confidentiality order on file for missing Syriac couple in Şırnak (Bianet)
Djemevi attacked in Istanbul (Bianet)
Investigation launched into attack on Istanbul cemevi (Duvar)
Djemevis not recognized as places of worship in Istanbul by AKP, MHP votes (Bianet)
AKP, MHP councilors vote down proposal to recognize cemevis as places of worship (Ahval)
Leading figure of Naqshbandi Islamic order killed in armed attack eastern Turkey (Ahval)