2020 February

Christians backing away from protests in Iraq
International Religious Freedom Alliance: paper tiger or trendsetter?
USCIRF Releases New Reports on Religious Freedom Conditions in Bahrain and Iraq
Please Continue to Pray For Leah Sharibu and Her Family
Church Decimated after Upper-Caste Hindus Stir Hostilities in Andhra Pradesh, India
ChinaAid appoints Dr. Hue-Teh Shih as public health advisor
Bashir, ICC development highlights Sudan progress
Three years, and still no word from abducted Malaysian pastor
Court in Pakistan Validates Forced Conversion, Marriage of Christian Girl to Muslim
Pastor in Northern India Falsely Accused of Destroying Hindu Idols by Radicals
Imprisoned Missionary in Cambodia Granted Bail
Missing Iranian Christian Possibly Found
Egyptian Priest Nearly Murdered
We Must Stand in Solidarity. We Cannot Fight Persecution Unless All Faiths Join Together Around the World
Persecution and the problem of western indifference
Iran: As the Lord Shakes the Nation
USCIRF News Digest - February 11, 2020
RUSSIA: Pentecostal churches facing possible closure, destruction
Christians in Pakistan made to pay blood money before release
Eighteen civilians including a Christian “selectively” killed by gunmen in Burkina Faso
Rising violent extremism in central Sahel threatens West Africa’s stability
Five million people march against persecution of Christians by Islamist extremists in Nigeria
Pastor martyred in DRC for refusing jihadists’ demand he convert to Islam
Ukraine: DONBAS: Raid, fine for unregistered worship meetings
RSS creates spy network to monitor India’s Christians
Despite movement towards religious freedom, Sudanese Christians still face persecution
Coronavirus - Prayer Requests From the Church in Wuhan, China
Government: ‘Hungary Saving 70,000 Persecuted Christians’
USCIRF News Digest - February 7, 2020
China: Praying for Wuhan

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