Date:                    March 24, 2020


E-Bulletin #78

The Brutal Persecution of the Chinese Church: An Update

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A real picture of a Chinese believer named Huang Xikai being tortured by Communist police some years ago. Thousands of our precious brothers and sisters in China are currently undergoing similar barbaric treatment. Please pray for them.

For about a year, many people have pleaded with us to give a detailed update about the Church in China, and to share what has taken place since the massive persecution was launched by President Xi Jinping against the Church three years ago.

We planned to send this update earlier, but the Coronavirus began to dominate the news and we pushed it back. While we realize there is rampant fear around the world right now as unprecedented events begin to unfold, we feel we must share this update now, and say to all believers: Please don’t forget the 100+ million Christians in China, who are going through a brutal examination of their faith. Please pray fervently for them.

In our latest newsletter you will read how:

* China has systematically expelled thousands of foreign Christians from the country over the last few years, cutting off the ability of Chinese believers to communicate with the world.

* China has been spreading their militant atheism to surrounding countries, and Christians there have been persecuted as a result of Chinese pressure.

* Two experts of the Chinese Church estimated the number of believers arrested in China rose dramatically from 3,700 in 2017 to 100,000 in 2018! And the number has only gone higher since then. Read more...

Please Pray

* Please pray for our brothers and sisters in China as they continue to go through this fiery trial. Pray they experience even deeper intimacy with the Lord Jesus through the fellowship of His sufferings (Philippians 3:10).

* Ask our loving Heavenly Father to carry His children through the flames and out the other side, so that His kingdom will continue to grow and reach hundreds of millions more people in China and beyond.

* Intercede for President Xi and the other leaders of China, that they might repent and give their lives to the Lord Jesus, to whom one day they must give an account for the awful things they are doing to His children.

* Pray God will be glorified through these dark times, and that He will turn the situation on its head and accomplish His purposes in China, as He has done numerous times in the past.

God bless you!
Paul and the team at Asia Harvest

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