Date:                   March 26, 2020

We are trying to free Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani from prison, and we need your help!
Pastor Nadarkhani is the pastor of a 400-member house church in Iran. The Iranian government has separated him from his family and imprisoned him multiple times throughout the last decade. He is currently imprisoned in Evin Prison, serving a 10-year prison sentence that began two years ago. Those who are imprisoned for their faith routinely face torture in Evin Prison. 
Vulnerable to COVID-19
With the pandemic of COVID-19 sweeping through Iran’s prison system, Iran’s judiciary has furloughed 85,000 prisoners serving less than five-year sentences who tested negative for the coronavirus in an attempt to control the disease’s spread. However, prisoners with more than a five-year sentence, including Pastor Nadarkhani, were excluded from the temporary release and left to suffer the risks of this disease without access to adequate medical care.
How You Can Help
As Pastor Nadarkhani and his family navigate these difficult times, we ask that you please join us in showing them your support. By signing this petition, you have the chance to show the American and Iranian governments that the Nadarkhani family matters, that they are remembered, and that they deserve basic human rights. You are also letting the Iranian government know that the world is watching.
Sign and share our petition today to call for Pastor Nadarkhani’s freedom!
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