Date:                  March 31, 2020


USCIRF News Digest - March 31, 2020
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Top News from Around the World

“No objection” to limited worship, but no legal right (Forum 18)

Sharia in Brunei: Much Ado About Nothing? (Diplomat)

Linked to Viral Outbreak, Cambodian Muslims Facing Backlash  (VOA)​

Religious rituals are a threat of mass infection of believers in Caucasus (Caucasian Knot)

Xinjiang Returns to Work, but Coronavirus Worries Linger in China​ (New York Times)
Uyghur High School Teacher Detained in Xinjiang Internment Camp  (Radio Free Asia)​
Tibetan Father, Son Detained For Listening to Dalai Lama Teachings  (Radio Free Asia)
China stifles funeral of underground Catholic bishop​ (UCA)
Uyghur Singer Rashida Dawut Sentenced to Prison Term by Xinjiang Authorities​ (Radio Free Asia)
China’s people of faith: Canaries in Xi Jinping’s coal mine  (Jerusalem Post)​

Coronavirus testing Georgia’s faith in its church (Eurasianet)
State of emergency not extended to Georgian Orthodox Church (JAMnews)

The ‘Niqab Squad’ Wants Women to be Seen Differently (New York Times)

For Iran's Imprisoned Christians, Coronavirus Is a New Danger (Newsweek)
Coronavirus presents a new threat to Iran's political prisoners (National Post)

Myanmar urged to restore Internet during virus crisis (Asia Times)
Mixed Messages from the Catholic Church and Ortega Gov. on Covid-19 (Havana Times)

North Korea
North Korean released from Chinese prison thanks God for guiding her 'in the valley of death' (Christian Post)​

Supreme Court Adjourns Bail Petition Of Accused In Blasphemy Case (Urdu Point)

South Korea
Coronavirus cluster emerges at another South Korean church, as others press ahead with Sunday services  (SCMP)

Southeast Asia
North Korean released from Chinese prison thanks God for guiding her 'in the valley of death' (Christian Post)​

Mother of Catholic priest found dead in Turkey, father still missing after abduction (Christian Post)
In Turkey, political Islam is getting in the way of rational health policy (Washington Post)
Constitutional Court judgment on Armenian Patriarchal election – a precedent? (Forum 18)
Turkey uses Hagia Sophia as mosque for Islamic prayer again (Greek Reporter)

Antisemitism Commissioner warns against conspiracy theories during coronavirus crisis (EJC)
Protect Freedom (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)