Date:                  April 24, 2020


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Please read the stories below and, with the reminder that persecution is a daily occurrence in many peoples lives, pray for those afflicted due to their love of Jesus. Please share these accounts with friends and family and follow us on Twitter and Facebook  to stay updated on persecuted news. These stories are also archived and searchable using our news aggregator at

Perfect Storm to Cause China Withdrawal

Many Americans recently have drawn some conclusions about the Chinese Communist regime. We agree that the CCP is responsible for the devastation wrought by the virus commonly known as COVID-19. We are in favor of U.S. companies withdrawing from the People’s Republic of China, if only to prevent the Chinese government holding our own products hostage. But there is another threat from the CCP that is not widely known. It is just as dangerous as the Corona virus...Read More

Iran sentences Christian woman to 3 months in prison, 10 lashes for protesting regime

Iranian Christian convert and human rights activist Mary Mohammadi has been sentenced to three months in prison and torture for protesting the government’s downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane in January. The 21-year-old took to social media on Tuesday to provide a case update for her followers. “After suffering many types of torture and 46 days in jail in the terrible conditions of Vozara detention and Qarchak [women’s] Prison, I have been sentenced to 3 months and 1 day in prison and 10 lashes,” Mohammadi wrote on Instagram....Read More

These schoolgirls survived Boko Haram. Now they face a pandemic.

EVERY MAY, THERE’S a party in northeastern Nigeria to celebrate a unique anniversary: the release of more than 100 young women from captivity. In 2014, 276 girls at a boarding school in a village called Chibok were kidnapped from their dorms by the militant group Boko Haram. They became known as the “Chibok girls.” Today, the survivors are supposed to be studying in a college prep program on the campus of the American University of Nigeria (AUN), in the hot, dusty northeastern city of Yola. Instead, they’re back home in their villages under lockdown for coronavirus....Read More

Christians in India see dramatic increase of attacks in 2020

Many Attacks on Christians and their places of worship in India continued to escalate in both number and severity in the early months of 2020, with 27 violent incidents reported in March alone. United Christian Forum in India, a Christian organization that advocates on behalf of Christians in India, documented 56 threats against Christians as well as 26 physical assaults between January and March of 2020....Read More

Turkey’s Press Freedom Decreases

According to the recently released 2020 World Press Freedom Index, Turkey ranks 154 out of 180 countries with free expression. Turkey has jumped three spots down the list since last year. This places Turkey extremely close to the “very serious” press freedom violations category, which only has 12% of the total countries measured and includes those such as North Korea, China, Eritrea, Cuba, and Iran. This situation is part of a broader environment in Turkey which discourages free speech from all aspects of society, particularly if it includes any element which is contradictory to the Islamic nationalist platform established by the government.....Read More

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