Date:                    June 1, 2020


Li Jinhong (bottom left)
and his family.
(Photo: Courtesy of Zhang Yan)

(Zhuzhou, Hunan—June 1, 2020) A family has been questioning the death of a pro-democracy activist who passed away last month.

Li Jinhong, an activist from Hunan and participant in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, was hit by a car in April, while he was working. He lost consciousness on the way to the hospital and passed away two hours later. Since then, the family has kept his body in the morgue.

Li’s widow, Zhang Yan, has been seeking justice for her husband’s death. She has said the Zhuzhou Municipal Traffic Police Squad didn’t process the traffic accident in a just manner. Upon investigation, the family learned the vehicle had sped up before hitting Li. However, the police ruled Li was primarily responsible for the accident.

In addition, Li worked for a property management company, but the company has refused to acknowledge that he died while at work. They also have not compensated the family. This has posed a financial burden on the family since Zhang must care for her mother-in-law and two daughters.

At this point, the family has hired a lawyer to seek justice.

Li was sentenced to four years on a charge of belonging to a counter-revolutionary group in July 1990 and was released in 1992. Afterward, he was harassed by the authorities, placed under residential surveillance in 1999 and detained for more than 20 days in 2006, during which he was tortured. 
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