Date:                  June 2, 2020


Qin Derfu is a deacon from Early Rain Covenant Church who has been sentenced to prison.
We’re trying to free Qin Derfu from prison, and we need your help. Early Rain Covenant Church in China’s Sichuan Province has been the target of relentless government surveillance and persecution in recent years. Qin was among the 150 members who were arrested and detained in a 2018 government crackdown.
He was falsely accused and has been imprisoned in Chengdu ever since. On top of all this, his lawyer and family have not been able to visit him in prison. 
Sign Our Petition for Qin’s Freedom
As Qin navigates this incredibly difficult period, we ask that you join us in caring for him.
By signing this petition, you will show the American and Chinese governments that Qin’s life matters, that he is remembered, and that his life should not be destroyed for his private religious beliefs.
Write a Letter to Qin
Also, would you (and your family or your church family) write a personal letter to Qin, encouraging him in his faith and showing prison officials and the world that he is remembered?
Letters of this nature communicate a clear message to both the persecuted and the persecutor that their case is not forgotten.
Click here to download a letter-writing packet.
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