Date:  June 1, 2020

Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On May 9th, Fulani Militants kidnapped a pastor named Reuben Danbala, a cross-cultural missionary in southern Kaduna state. The militants are demanding that he converts to Islam or pays a ransom of 2 million naira (US$5,144) before he is released. Pastor Danbala was abducted from his office at Global Glorious Missions’ base in Ungwan Badole (also known as Ungwan Mission).

The mission leader, Samuel Yahaya said the following, “We spoke with Pastor Reuben Danbala, he is fine and strong in faith, and they repeated that he refused to accept Islam, so they are demanding 2 million naira [US$5,144] for his release. We have been negotiating for his release from his captors who had initially demanded 5 million naira (US$12,860]. We kept pleading and informed them that as missionaries we do not have that kind of money.”

Sen. Danjuma La’ah, who represents an area of southern Kaduna in the National Assembly mentioned the following in a press statement from Abuja, “It is even getting worse during this period of COVID-19 lockdown, because the bandits are still moving about, killing innocent souls in my area, who obey government directive to stay indoors. The attacks have continued, and my people are always the victims. I expect the military, the police, and other security agencies to have come to our aid and protect us, but it is not happening.” Also, Sen. La’ah added that, “The military and other security agencies in the state seem not to be interested in what is happening to my people in southern Kaduna state. As it is now, my people are under the bondage of terrorists.”

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the immediate release of Reuben Danbala. Pray for the pastor’s protection during his time in captivity. Pray for an end to religiously motivated kidnappings.