Date:                     June 5, 2020


Please pray for the individuals in the stories below and others who are afflicted due to their love of the Lord. You canshare these accounts with friends and family and follow us on Twitter and Facebook . These stories are also archived and searchable using our news aggregator at

RELEASE – June 4 Marks Tragic Day at Tiananmen Square

Weeks of mass protests in China 31 years ago led up to a terrible day on June 4, 1989, at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. After the death of former Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang, who had worked to move China to a more open political system, more than a million people gathered at the square. Just after midnight June 4, troops had reached Tiananmen Square, and throughout the day, fired on civilians and students. An official death toll has never been released, although estimates range from several hundred to thousands. As many as 10,000 were arrested during and after the protests, and many have been executed for their parts in the demonstrations.........Read More

RELEASE – Save the Persecuted Christians Welcomes President Trump’s Executive Order Promoting International Religious Freedom

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has made a priority of protecting freedom of religion, at home and abroad. Today, he operationalized that commitment by identifying in an Executive Order issued today practical measures to advance this cause by bringing U.S. government personnel and resources to bear by, among other things, empowering communities around the world whose religious liberty is imperiled.........Read More

MALI – 27 killed, some burned alive in jihadi attacks on predominantly Christian villages in Mali

Suspected Islamic radicals killed at least 27 people, some of whom were burned alive, in a series of attacks that spanned from last Tuesday to Wednesday evening in three villages that advocates say are predominantly inhabited by Christians in Central Mali, officials said. As escalations in communal violence have plagued the West African country in recent years, local officials told Reuters that attacks in the villages of Bankass, Koro and Tillé were carried out by armed men on motorcycles whom they believe to be jihadists that claim to protect Fulani herders from Dogon farmers........Read More

KENYA – Denied by Family for Standing with Christ

After converting to Christianity, Yasin Bakari, a father of two living in coastal Kenya, fears that he will be killed. He heard the Gospel in March and was moved enough to abandon his old faith. Now, he receives threats daily from the Muslim faithful of Mkunumbi, Mpeketoni, his hometown. While speaking with International Christian Concern (ICC), he shared about his conversion story and the events that followed thereafter.........Read More

NIGERIA – New Report Suggests Barbaric Violence Against Christians is Rapidly Escalating in Nigeria, Leading to Grim Outcome

The death toll for innocent Christians is rapidly increasing, nearly doubling in two months, as Islamic radicals ramp up their bloody campaign of targeted violence, abduction, and murder, seemingly without fear of retribution. Just recently, we told you about a recent report released in March that claimed as many as 350 Christians had already been murdered throughout Nigeria in the first few months of 2020. That number has already nearly DOUBLED.........Read More

Please join with us to pray for peace upon the world, safety for all those in harms way and joy even in the midst of tribulations. 

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