Date:                      July 27, 2020


Please pray for the individuals in the stories below and others who are afflicted due to their love of the Lord. You canshare these accounts with friends and family and follow us on Twitter  and Facebook . These stories are also archived and searchable using our news aggregator at

RELEASE – Open Letter Urges Attorney General To Label Chinese Communist Party as a Transnational Criminal Organization

A broad coalition of human rights advocates on Thursday delivered an open letter to Attorney General William Barr asking him to officially condemn the Chinese Communist Party as a criminal outfit responsible for violating human rights, committing injustices around the globe, and causing millions of deaths worldwide......Read More

NIGERIA – Boko Haram militants kill five hostages kidnapped in Nigeria’s northeast, UN says

Boko Haram militants have killed five hostages, including four aid workers, who were abducted last month in northeastern Nigeria, a UN spokeswoman told CNN on Thursday.The aid workers belonged to different humanitarian agencies, and a security personnel member working with the team was among the hostages, said Eve Sabbagh, spokeswoman for the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance......Read More

INDIA – Christians who refused to worship false gods beaten by tribal animists

Tribal animists in India brutally beat three Christian families before driving them from the village over the believers’ refusal to participate in celebrations in honor of the tribal deities. Morning Star News reports that on May 20, the family of Bhima and Devi Markham were asleep in their beds in Devkupli Para, Chhattisgarh state when a mob of 15 villagers who follow the local tribal religion broke into their home and began beating them with wooden batons. The family was forced to flee their home while the mob vandalized their belongings and threw away their food, angered by the Christians’ refusal to participate in celebrations in honor of the tribal deities. Animists worship gods based on ancestors, spirits, and nature......Read More

CHINA – Churches shuttered, turned into cultural centers promoting socialist values

As part of China’s ongoing crackdown on Christianity, Communist authorities have converted a number of state-approved Three-Self churches into cultural centers promoting President Xi Jinping’s socialist values. Persecution watchdog China Aid reports that recently, Flowing Stream Church in Funing County’s Yangzai township, Jiangsu province was forcibly occupied by officials with China’s Communist Party and converted to “Yangzai Township Flowing Stream Village Cultural Service Center.” The church had previously been disbanded by the local United Front Department and was accused of “occupying village’s cultural base.”....Read More

ERITREA – Thirty Christians arrested at wedding ceremony in Eritrea

Eritrean authorities arrested 30 Christians as they attended a wedding ceremony in the capital, Asmara, in the last week of June. Local sources reported that the Christians were taken to a police station, known locally as Kalai Medeber. Fifteen Christians were arrested in April while attending a worship service, in the Mai Chehot area of Asmara, and taken to a prison camp in Mai Serwa. In 2019, more than 330 Christians were arrested between May and August. Among them were 141 Christians – including 104 women and 14 children – detained on 10 May as they gathered at a house church meeting in Asmara. In another raid, on 23 June, pregnant woman were among 70 Christians rounded up at an unregistered church in the city of Keren......Read More

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who face daily persecution because of their love of the Lord. As COVID-19 continuous to impact our day to day lives, we are grateful for your consistency and prayers for those impacted by religious discrimination. Thank you for your support of Save the Persecuted Christians and your continual partnership. 

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