Date:                  July 23, 2020


(Washington, D.C.—July 23, 2020) More than 180 organizations have joined ranks to end forced labor in Xinjiang. 

Xinjiang, the northwestern region of China, has been routinely imprisoning, torturing, and forcing work upon Turkic minority groups. China claims that these actions curb terrorism. However, people are being arrested without charges, and many have been placed behind bars just for practicing their Muslim faith.

Evidence has surfaced that these prisoners are being forced to work in factories for little to no pay. Some of what they make is then sold and distributed through major retailers, such as Amazon, Nike, Apple, and Target.

Overall, at least 83 global brands have purchased from these factories, according to an investigation from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. The U.S. also sanctioned 11 suppliers of several companies. These companies include Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Apple, Google, HP, Hugo Boss, and Muji.

Today, more than 180 organizations signed a call to action, asking for an end to forced labor in Xinjiang. The call to action came from the new Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region.
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