Persecution Update: A Muslim, a Christian, and a Rolex


Date:                     September 30, 2020


As a Western Christian, it’s hard to understand the price a Muslim pays when they turn to Christ. In an instant, they lose their community, their livelihood, and their personal safety for rejecting Islam.
We meet these believers all over the world, but recently met Kadir in Uganda where he told us his story. 
On New Year’s Eve of 2018, Kadir placed his faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel during an overnight prayer gathering. 
The very next day, his Muslim father abandoned the family home, viewing Kadir’s new faith as a personal betrayal. A few months later, his mother also left, leaving Kadir to care for his two younger siblings on his own. 
So it’s obviously a complicated story with a lot going on, but at the core is Kadir’s conversion. He has now taken over the financial responsibility for his younger siblings who looked up to him. He also rescued a young boy from the streets, bringing another mouth to feed into his family. 
Thankfully, Kadir has some cooking skills! He’s skilled in making a local dish called Uganda Rolex. It’s basically an egg omelet with vegetables rolled up into chapati (Indian thin bread). It used to be known as rolled eggs, which when spoken by locals sounds like “rolex (rolled eggs).” 
We simply provided Kadir with some basic cooking equipment and a cart so he has a rolling restaurant that he can use to support himself, his siblings, and the young boy he adopted. 
While we can’t remove the danger and cost that a Muslim pays to become a Christian, we can make the journey a little easier and remind them that they’re not alone.
For Kadir, the simple gift of cooking equipment was a huge lifeline that encouraged him in his newfound faith. He saw the body of Christ (you) reach across the ocean and down into Uganda to rescue himself and his family. 
He saw you acting as the hands and feet of God! Thanks for making this crucial work possible for brave believers like Kadir.

Jeff King

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