Date:  October 5, 2020

Syria (International Christian Concern) – Unknown assailants targeted an Armenian Church in Hasakah (northern Syria) with a grenade on September 29th, injuring two. It is believed that this attack was partially connected to the ongoing conflict in the Caucasus between Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Turkey sent hundreds of Syrian fighters from northern Syria to fight as mercenaries against Armenia and in support of Azerbaijan.

Armenians are ethnic Christians who were targeted by Turkey in the early 20th century. The Turks committed genocide against the Armenian community: displacing, massacring, and forcibly converting (“Turkifying”) millions. Many of those who survived were displaced to northern Syrian and what is now the country of Armenia.

Last October, Turkey invaded northern Syria and made use of jihadists to ethnically cleanse and commit genocide. During this invasion, Christians and other religious minorities were again targeted. Turkey continues to maintain significant influence in northern Syria and perpetuates genocidal policies.

While the assailants of the attack against the Hasakah Armenian Church are unknown, the context within which it occurred is extremely concerning.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for healing for the two people who were injured. Pray for protection for Syria’s Christians and their places of worship. Pray for an end to the conflict in this region.