Date:                    October 7, 2020

Elder Li Yingqiang and his wife, Zhang Xinyue.
(Photo: WeChat)

(Chengdu, Sichuan Province—October 5, 2020) On October 4, multiple police officers appeared at the home of Elder Li Yingqiang of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church and stopped him from attending Sunday worship. Police arrived at 8:20 am that morning and did not leave until noon.

According to Elder Li’s Facebook page, two undercover officers with several guards and uniformed police officers broke into his home, (included one uniformed officer, Director Dai of Qingyang District Caotang Road police station), Elder Li challenged officers and asked if they had secured official paperwork to detain him.

Police stressed that they did not come to enforce the law at this time but to “chat” (communicate). Even though Elder Li said that he did not want to chat, officers insisted that he talk with them. Elder Li explained to the officers why he risked returning to Chengdu and why he remains committed to the church with several hundred congregants experiencing persecution.

        Because of Christ… It is Christ who was nailed on the cross for us. It is Christ who resurrected for         us. It is Christ who selected us and brings us to the heaven and let us sit with Him. It is Christ who         has called us to commit to the church. It is Christ who has granted us grace in the church. It is                Christ who has helped us know Him deeply in the church and lean on His grace in the past two                tough years[sic].

Police Officer Xu asked, “With all the difficulty, why don’t you guys change? If Christians changed, they could live a better life, right?”

Elder Li answered, “Yes, Christians hope to live a better life, but it is more important to obey God’s will and His guidance than to live a good life on Earth.” He presented the gospel, the reason for his hope and faith to the officers and told them what he holds fast. …He explained about the separation of church and state, the belief Early Rain Covenant Church holds.

Since police, state security officers, Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, and Education Bureau visited Li’s home, officials have monitored Elder Li and his family 24/7.

Elder Li Yingqiang and children.

(Photo: WeChat)

Elder Li Yingqiang's son.
(Photo: WeChat)

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