Date:                October 14, 2020

Brother Yun’s book, The Heavenly Man, Updated Edition.
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(Midland, TX—Oct. 14, 2020) “Are you crazy?”

“Here in China, they are putting preachers in prison. You're only 17. How could you hear this calling from God? Are you crazy?” my father asked me.

At the age of 17, as a new Christian, I respected my dad and wanted to honor him. I could not, however, agree with what he said. I heard the concern he expressed for me, his son, but…

But I continued to hear this calling from the Lord. “Get up… Go and preach the gospel from the West to the East.

Years later, after I had been preaching the gospel for a while, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official arresting me for preaching the gospel asked, “Who are you? What's your name?” “My name?” Every man lives in gospel village.

My mother’s name? Faith, Hope, and Love.

The name of my Father? Full of grace.

My brother’s name: Looking forward to the Lord coming back.

At that time, the officer confronted me with, “You are insane already.”

The first time after being arrested, the judge sentence me to four years in prison. During that time, however, officials added two more years to my sentence.

Even though I knew that in the Word, Jesus promised to never leave us not forsake us, at some of the more trying, dark moments in prison, I sometimes questioned, “Where are you Lord?” Just as sure as He placed the calling to my heart to preach the gospel, God’s still small voice reassured me, “My child… My son… Do not be afraid. I know you….”

Just as I told people before going to prison and even while locked inside, I tell people today, “Jesus loves you.”

I had not committed any crimes, and others also knew I was innocent of charges fabricated against me. However, police arrested and imprisoned me over and over. My crime according to CCP officials? Basically, they found me guilty of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. During my fourth year in prison, Chinese officials invited Billy Graham to visit China. When administrators at my prison received a letter from America’s then foremost evangelist, they forced me to write a letter to him, telling him about the “good” conditions there. In my own words, authorities, told me, tell Billy how comfortable a prison we have, that we give you good food…. 

In my own words, I could not do as officers ordered. In turn, for the name of Jesus, CCP

authorities sentenced me to serve a total of 10 years in prison, but…

But thank the Lord, even though CCP officials locked me and other Christians in prison, neither they nor or human authorities can imprison our voices of worship nor our prayers. They cannot imprison our songs praising our Lord. Hearing of the current CCP-based protests and death threats targeting Pastor Bob Fu of China Aid and his family reminded me again of the battle between God and the devil; between love and hate; between light and darkness; between life and death; between good and evil. Through Jesus Christ, God offers eternal life. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” As the Word tells us, He’s the light of the world. Instead of love, the devil hates us. The Word tells us, he’s the father of lies. In his darkness, at times, and sometimes appearing as “an angel of light,” comes to kill and destroy. The devil instills and feeds fear. Instead of receiving eternal life, those who serve him receive eternal damnation.

Jesus gives those who believe in Him, “peace that passes understanding.” He said, “Don't be afraid.” Today, in 2020, fears run rampant. Bad news continually bombards us. Some people are afraid to come out of their homes. Some even lock themselves in a room, fearful to venture outside. Fear, I believe, must be from the devil,

“Don't fix eyes on the bad news on tv, your phone, or computer,” I remind others. “Look to Jesus and spread the good news of Him.” He said, “Fear not.”

John 20:20 records that when Jesus appeared to his disciples after His resurrection, “…He showed them His hands and [His ] side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.” Many times, we may forget truth from the Scripture. After “seeing” Jesus and hearing a Word from the Lord, however, we never forget. Jesus, the Lord of life, commands those who fear, “Come out...”

Note from Kregel, publisher of Brother Yun’s book, The Heavenly Man, Updated Edition:

God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan province and placed him on the front line for Jesus, in the face of impossible odds. Instead of focusing on the many miracles or experiences of suffering, however, Yun turns his gaze to and centers his story on the character and the beauty of Jesus. Interspersed with his personal account are contributions from his wife, Deling, made mostly during her husband's frequent periods of imprisonment.

Brother Yun’s book shares reassurances of the words God spoke to him (at the age of 17), words Jesus left in the Word to reassure others, even when those in the world may question, “Are you crazy?”

For me, you, Bob Fu, and others who believe in Jesus, our Heavenly Father reassures, “My child, my son…

“Don't be afraid. I love you.”

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