Date:                   October 15, 2020


My friend of nearly 30 years, Bob Fu, is currently in a safe house under police protection. A Chinese billionaire closely associated with the Chinese Communist Party “CCP” has called on its members to kill him. 

Bob is a leading advocate for human rights and religious liberty in China. His ministry is called China Aid, and he has also partnered with us to equip Sunday school teachers in China’s underground church. 

On Monday, I recorded a Zoom interview with Bob. It is the first in a series we are launching that brings the frontlines of the missions field into the homes of our friends, prayer partners, and financial supporters. 

Please use the link below to watch my interview with Bob Fu. He needs our prayers. The threat on his life is real, and he is facing persecution right here in Middle America. His entire family had to be rushed to a safe house because authorities feared for his life. The billionaire who called for Bob’s execution has publicly committed to support this campaign until Bob Fu is dead. It is an extremely serious matter.

As you watch the 30-minute interview, you will also have an opportunity to receive Bob Fu’s book, God’s Double Agent as a free gift for financially supporting RevelationMedia and China Aid. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on these types of interviews. We will be following Bob Fu’s situation and providing updates.

Thank you for your support and your prayers. Please also share this message with your friends, family, and church members. 

Steve Cleary

Click Here to Watch My Interview with Bob Fu

Receive Bob Fu’s bestselling book, God’s Double Agent, as our gift when you support RevelationMedia and Bob Fu’s ministry China Aid.

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