Many translators also find themselves facing unemployment and other challenges because of the economic crisis the pandemic has caused.

“The economic impact means that crime goes up and day laborers don’t actually have day jobs anymore, so they can’t feed their families,” Price says.

“In some instances, we’ve been amazed to see that translators have been able to spend more time on the translation, but let’s not ignore the fact that they’re out of a job. They don’t have the necessary food or the money to pay for their electricity in the places where that’s available.”

Get Involved

Price asks for prayer for these persecuted Nigerian believers.

“We should be spending time praying for our brothers and sisters who are starving, who are out of electricity, who are being persecuted. This pandemic is being leveraged against them. We need to be in prayer that God would protect them, provide for them in supernatural ways that would open the door for His kingdom.”

Wycliffe is providing emergency funds for translators in Nigeria who are out of work. You can give to help with these needs here. Wycliffe Associates also offers many volunteer and prayer opportunities.

“If this really resonates with you, I implore you to go look at all the ways that you can be [involved].”

Header image courtesy of Wycliffe Associates