Date:                 October 21, 2020


USA (MNN) — Bob Fu, the president of China Aid, has received death threats and currently is being protected by U.S. law enforcement.

China Aid is an international human rights organization that seeks to expose the human rights violations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and promoting religious freedom in the country.

Who is threatening?

The source of these threats? China Aid is pointing the finger at Guo Wengui, a disgraced Chinese businessman who fled to the United States after being accused by Chinese authorities of bribery, fraud, and money laundering. He now runs popular social media platforms,on which he encourages violence against those who speak out against the CCP.

Fu frequently criticizes the CCP, especially their persecution of different religious and ethnic groups.

(Photo courtesy of FB/ China Aid/Bob Fu)

Protestors appeared outside Fu’s home in Texas earlier in October, accusing him of being a spy for the CCP. But officials believe Bob Fu may actually be targeted by the Communist Party itself.

Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada summarizes. “It’s really hard to know exactly who is behind this. But what we do know is that Bob and his family have been under threat and that’s being taken very seriously.”

The purpose behind the threats

The purpose of this campaign is clearer: discredit Fu and stop the work he is doing. Musselman says protestors have been “handing out flyers saying that he’s a fake pastor, [that] he’s an evil cheater. There were even protest signs declaring that he is a Chinese spy.”

Fu has had a lot of influence over the years, Musselman says. “Bob has been in the White House, he’s had many members of the Senate, Congress, even mayors. He is well respected. And what he says is taken with a lot of seriousness.”

Whoever is behind the threats, they want Fu’s influence to stop.

How to pray

Musselman says Fu won’t be silenced by these death threats or protests. “He was arrested for starting an underground church in China. He was involved in Tiananmen Square before he came to the United States.”

Pray that God will protect Bob Fu and his family during this stressful time. Pray that whoever is behind these protests would lose their power and influence.

And pray for your brothers and sisters in China, that they would have grace and strength from the Lord in the face of persecution.

The header image shows Bob Fu. (Photo courtesy of VOM Canada on Facebook)