Date:                  November 18, 2020


International (MNN) — The Pew Research Center says the religious persecution of Christians is growing around the world, especially at the hands of dictators. Read a full report here.

This study shows 40% of the world struggles to worship God freely. Meanwhile, another new study shows that religion drives prejudices between people more than race or ethnicity.

In this climate of accelerating religious conflict, Tim Neu of Wycliffe Associates says Christians are suffering. “We see it firsthand. It’s unbelievable, the atrocities that happen with believers, pastors, church leaders, people that we have broken bread with, spent time with, and worshipped and prayed with. We have seen the things that they have to do endure on a daily basis.”

Portable printing machines

Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Associates on Facebook.

Despite persecution, the Gospel has taken root in every country around the world and the church continues to grow. Neu says Wycliffe is supporting persecuted believers by giving them printing equipment that can produce Bibles where Christians need them. Read the press statement here.

Neu says believers can use these machines after translating the Bible into their heart language. “There’s still a large majority of folks that want to have a printed copy of God’s Word in their hand. We’ve trained them, we’ve put resources in their hands, and taught them how to translate the work. And they’re just looking for a tangible way to make that available to the people in their communities.”

These small printing units can move quickly and escape the notice of the authorities, if necessary. They cost about $2,000 apiece, and you can support this work here.

Neu says Christians who have these machines don’t just use them for Bibles. “I’ve even learned recently from folks who have traveled back from the field that in addition to printing scriptures, they’re also printing other useful resources that they’re creating themselves: discipleship materials and stories and things of that nature.”

How to pray

Christians around the world face persecution for their belief in Jesus. Pray the Holy Spirit will empower them. Pray also for Wycliffe workers as they get these machines to persecuted Christians.

Today is the International Day of Prayer for Christians of Muslim background. Pray today that the worldwide Church would continue to grow despite escalating tensions between religious groups.

Header photo by Jirreaux Hiroé from Pixabay.