Boko Haram Kill Seven in Christmas Eve Attacks


Date:                      December 26, 2020


Twelve Others Abducted, Three Churches Destroyed in Two Attacks

12/26/2020 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on December 24, 2020, Boko Haram militants invaded the village of Pyemi, near Chibok in Northern Nigeria and killed at least seven Christians. This attack followed a threat released by the group via message after an attack on a small town in Southern Niger that left 27 dead. The threat said that Christians would be attacked and killed during the Christmas season.
Not only were these seven people killed, but another seven people are still missing in Pyemi and five in Garkida. The local EYN Church in Pyemi, and the Anglican and Living Faith Churches in Garkida were also destroyed.
When asked about the current situation, EYN General Secretary, Rev. Daniel Mbaya said,  “There was an attack at Pyemi (Chibok) and Garkida (Northern Adamawa).  I am waiting for the names of those killed.  As at yesterday I was told that six persons were killed. The EYN Church was burnt (at Pyemi). There were abductions but I am waiting for specifics in terms of names of those abducted.  Five persons were abducted in Garkida, I am waiting for the names. The attack was in the evening, about the same time they entered Pyemi, (around 3pm) they also entered Garkida (around 4pm).”
Rev Mbaya said that rumors of an attack were known days prior. “We had the information three days before the attack, and Security agencies were informed. They (Boko Haram) had sent word that they were coming to do “Christmas” in town and specifically mentioned Garkida. Most people fled into the bush.”
Pastor Filibus the former CAN Chairman for the Chibok Local Council Area said, “They entered Pyemi and did havoc, killing some persons including the EYN LCB Pastor.  It was on Thursday evening. The Boys Brigade were holding their rehearsals when the attackers arrived. It is so sad. The Pastor was killed, the biggest EYN Church in Pyemi was burnt. Eight persons were killed, houses were also burnt. The burial was yesterday (December 25). Even those who fled returned and were at the burial.  Where will the people go? They have no other place to go.”
This is not the first time this year that Garkida has been attaked either.  Rev Mbaya said, “Recall that in an attack at Garkida earlier this year, three Churches – the Anglican, Living Faith and EYN were burnt down. The government had supported the rebuilding of the Churches and Anglican Church and Living Faith Church had been rebuilt. EYN was still at the roofing level. This time again they burnt down the Living Faith Church and the Anglican Church. The Garkida township road is being rehabilitated.”
  ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Nathan Johnson, said, “Boko Haram promised that they would attack Christians and fulfilled this promise. Many say that Boko Haram does not hate Christianity, however, this attack shows their true intention torwards Christians in Nigeria. This is the second year in a row wehre Christains have been slaughtered by the group on Christmas Eve. It is time for the Nigerian government to end these atrocities.”
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