Chinese Communist Party members resort to violence after Yunan Tuguadi church members resist placing China’s national flag in front of their church


Date:                     December 29, 2020

Tuguadi church members resisting CCP order to place China’s flag in front of their church.
(Photo: Screenshot extracted from video)

(Tuguadi, Yunan Province—Dec. 29, 2020) On December 28, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members resorted to violence when Tuguadi Church (located in Wuding county, Yunan province) rejected the government’s order to position China’s national flag in front of their church’s entrance. Local government officials had sent a large group of representatives to strategically position China’s national flag in front of the church’s entrance. 

During the standoff, government officials sternly restrained Christians, forcing their hands to remain in back of them.

Some Christians cried during the attack, while others shouted for help.

Christians arrested for resisting CCP officials placing China's flag in front of church. 
(Photo: Screenshot extracted from video)
The Tuguadi leader of the church asked officials:
  • Didn’t the government promise law-based governance and building a harmonious society?
  • What do you think when you watch CCP authorities use violence and forcibly place the national flag in front of our church?
  • Is this democracy?
  • Is this fair?
  • Is this building a harmonious society?”
Tuguadi church members failed to prevent CCP officials from placing China's flag in front of their church's entrance. The Christian videographer recording the incident. nevertheless, succeeded. His video and extracted pictures prompt members of the media and other Christians to not only consider this and other documented examples of persecution but, also—expose them.

And have no fellowship 
with the unfruitful works of darkness, 
rather expose them. 
                                                ~ Ephesians 5:11

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