Date:                  January 29, 2021


USA (MNN) – The Church should support and lift its members up before God, but how do you pray for people that you have never met? The Voice of Martyrs, USA (VOM USA) offers insights into the lives and needs of Christians around the world through their 2021 Global Prayer Guide.

Todd Nettleton with VOM USA says that the persecuted Church consistently asks  to share needs with their Christian brothers and sisters so that they might pray for them. “The first thing they ask of us is that we pray. And so the global prayer guide from Voice of the Martyrs, which no w we have the brand new 2021 edition out, is a tool to help American Christians answer the requests of our persecuted brothers and sisters.”

The 100 page guide, offers backgrounds, insights and specific requests from people and places that may not be at the top of the news cycle. Clear notes help Christians to intercede for the global Church facing intense persecution on a daily basis.

The Stark Reality of Persecution

Often persecution feels foreign to the American Church. Believers may face pressure or even discrimination. However the idea that going to church or praying with friends might mean torture or death is not something most Western Christians would ever imagine. Yet, over 260 million Christians live in areas where persecution levels are high.

(Image courtesy of VOM USA)

Over the last year more than 2,900 Christians were killed because of their faith in Christ. Many more were detained, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned, often without a fair trial, because they were Christians. Church buildings have been attacked or destroyed. His people are beaten down, but God is still at work.

Standing with Persecuted Christians

The numbers are staggering and yet many of these stories go untold. The American Church is often unaware of the daily struggles facing brothers and sisters. The VOM USA guide offers a way to learn about those facing persecution and provide specific prayer points.

Nettleton says, “The Global Prayer Guide gives us the background to be able to pray effectively and specifically about that country. It will tell you, ‘Hey, what is the status of the church in that country? Who are the persecutors? What motivates them to come against the church? How hard is it to get a Bible in that country?’”

Support the persecuted Church through prayer today. Nettleton encourages believers to pray generally, but also to educate themselves on specific requests and pick up a copy of the Global Prayer guide.

“Voice of the Martyrs is the main Voice of the Martyrs website,” he says. “Right now, right at the top of the page is the 2021 Global prayer guide. You can request a copy and we will send it to you for free. All we need is your name and address.”

Get your free copy and lift up the persecuted Church today.

(Header Image courtesy of VOM USA)