Date:                  February 26, 2021


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ChinaAid President Bob Fu joined Jonathan Clark on The Worldview on February 24th to discuss the situation in Hong Kong after the implementation of the National Security Law.

Explaining the most fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong are “pretty much gone”, fellow Christians should “pray really hard that they [Hong Kong believers] won't be imprisoned or if they are, like Joshua Wong or 20-year-old Agnes Chow, that they can stand firmly on their faith in God.

CCP Officials Continue To Detail Eloquent Chinese Poet

ChinaAid learned officials are still detaining poet Wang Zhang and his wife Wang Li on charges of “inciting subversion of state power.” Both were arrested in early summer 2020. Read a description of Wang’s unjust arrest on ChinaAid’s website.

The Bob Fu Report: A New Series Diving into Important News 

We’re happy to announce Bob’s new series – The Bob Fu Report. Each edition features Bob discussing relevant international and national news, along with excusive insight on recent ChinaAid stories.

Visit YouTube to watch the premiere episode released on February 23rd!

Authorities Tell Yining Catholics To Not Attend A Church

ChinaAid’s reporting team writes Communist Party authorities ordered Yining Catholics to stop attending the Yining Xinjiang Sacred Heart Church due to not aligning with “sinicization.”   

Officials removed the building's cross, bell tower, icons, domes, and some religious symbols in 2018. Visit ChinaAid’s website to see the church before and during demolition.

Canadian Parliament Calls China’s Treatment of Uyghurs Genocide

On February 22nd, the Canadian parliament passed a non-binding resolution declaring China’s treatment of Uyghur citizens a “genocide.”

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