Date:  March 17, 2021

By Elizabeth Kendal

Ethiopians will go to the polls on 5 June. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of Ethiopia hangs in the balance. Two diametrically opposed visions are in play: Prime Minister Dr Abiy's vision of a strong, united, multi-ethnic, multi-religious Ethiopia versus the dream of ethno-nationalists who would dismantle Ethiopia along ethnic lines. The leading proponents of ethno-nationalism are the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF; a Marxist body) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF; officially secular but dominated by Muslims, many of whom are radical Islamists). NOTE: the TPLF and OLF are organisations; they do not represent all Tigreans nor all Oromo. Many (if not most) Tigreans and Oromo are committed Ethiopians. After all, a strong, united, prosperous Ethiopia would not merely be a blessing to all Ethiopians, but to Africans across the whole Horn and Red Sea region. On the other hand, whilst ethno-nationalism might empower some, it would trigger widespread ethnic cleansing of minorities and gross insecurity nationwide. Those most at risk are the mostly Orthodox Christian ethnic Amhara, multitudes of whom have long lived as ethnic minorities outside of Amhara State [see RLPB 576, 'Collapse Would Trigger Christian Crisis' (18 Nov 2020)].

In his 2018 book Sovereignty, strategic analyst Gregory Copley contends that by the second decade of the 21st Century, due primarily to the rise of the electronic age, Information Dominance (ID) was becoming 'the primary war-fighting strategic weapon of aspirant powers'. And just as ID has become an essential element of warfare, so too has ID become an essential element of politics. To that end (information/perception dominance), the TPLF-funded Tigray Media House (based in Washington, DC) and Jawar Mohammed's Oromia Media Network (based in Saint Paul, Minnesota) have been pumping out press releases designed to legitimise and advance their ethno-nationalist agenda in the US and internationally. Not only are the TPLF and OLF cooperating with each other to advance their shared ethno-nationalist agenda, but hostile foreign powers that stand to gain from a destabilised Ethiopia - e.g. Egypt [see RLPB 560 (29 July 2020)], the Sudanese military/deep state, al-Qaeda, Islamic State [see RLPB 520 (18 Sep 2019)] - are supporting the TPLF and OLF to that end, exploiting the crisis for their own gain. The situation is truly diabolical.

NEW ATTACKS: Since 6 March at least 42 people - mostly Amhara Christians - have been slaughtered in various kebeles (districts) in Horo Guduru Welega zone, in the west of Oromia Regional State. In one attack, dozens of Amhara Christians were gathered at their Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church on Saturday 6 March, to welcome in the season of Lent, when gunmen stormed the church and shot the pastor dead. Twenty-eight Christians, of whom 21 were women (some holding babies), were then taken into the Gerji forest and slaughtered. The Oromia regional government and Police Commission have blamed the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), specifically the militant faction known as 'Shane group'. However, in a statement to media the OLA strongly denied any involvement: 'We would like to reiterate that our forces are absolutely not responsible,' it said. 'We once again suggest you reach out to the residents of Horo Guduru and ask them who Faqadaa Abdiisaa is and who sent him and his militia into Horo Guduru.' Whoever is responsible, it seems they had received intelligence alerting them to the fact that security forces were vacating the area; for as soon as the security forces left, the militants swept in for the kill. Many suspect that OLF sympathisers within the Oromia regional government, police and security forces are complicit in the Oromo ethno-nationalist violence targeting Amhara Christians across the region.


  • intervene in Ethiopia and for Ethiopians, that the nation might be blessed to be a blessing to others; may God grace our brother Prime Minister Abiy with wisdom and strength as he seeks to lead the people into a whole new era of covenanted unity, peace and prosperity.
  • May it be that God has given Dr Abiy the role of PM, 'for such a time as this' (Esther 4:14).
  • protect, rescue, comfort and sustain Ethiopian Christians displaced by and/or caught up in the crisis in Tigray and the insecurity in Oromia; by the power of the Holy Spirit may they demonstrate grace in the midst of terror, hope in the midst of insecurity and, in the midst of uncertainty, trust in God; may all suffering be redeemed for the glory of God.


Dr Sasa 3fingers 16march2021

                      Dr Sasa

As noted in RLPB 587 (3 March), the ousted government (CRPH) has appointed Dr Sasa - an inspirational, highly regarded ethnic Chin and Christian - as its special envoy to the United Nations. On Tuesday 16 March the junta officially charged Dr Sasa with treason. Writing from a secure location overseas, Dr Sasa responded: 'Today, I am proud to have been charged with treason by the military junta - because treason against the junta means that I am standing with the people of Myanmar, giving my life for their freedom, for federal democracy and for justice. In my life, I have witnessed the torture, forced labour, intimidation, rape and killing of my people by the same military Generals who today have accused me of high treason. These military Generals are the ones who today are ordering the army to kill unarmed civilians on streets across the country. [. . .] It is the Generals, the military junta who are the ones who should be charged with high treason and crimes against humanity, with ethnic cleansing and genocide. Every day we are collecting evidence of their crimes and we will not rest until we bring them to justice. . .' Please pray for our brother Dr Sasa: for safety, for wisdom and that God might use him for his divine purpose.