Date:                    March 16, 2021


Bangui 2














Central African Republic (MNN) — Armed conflict in Central African Republic is expected to cause food shortages for 2.3 million people this year, the United Nations reports.

Fighting spiked after the December elections, forcing thousands to flee. The first Red Cross delivery didn’t get through until last week; hundreds of trucks remain stuck at the border. World Mission’s Greg Kelley says believers are in trouble.

“The Church is suffering; they’re essentially surviving on anything they can grow, or animals they might have,” Kelley states.

Due to a recent history of conflict and landlocked location, Central African Republic must import much of its food and other essentials. Whenever rebels cut off the main supply route from Cameroon – like they did earlier this year – prices skyrocket. Some essential items increased by as much as 240-percent.

World Mission’s partners may be struggling, but these believers have their eyes fixed on Christ. “They’re asking for our Treasures, which are solar-powered audio Bibles in the Arabic language, so they can go and reach these rebel groups that are essentially their tormentors,” Kelley says.


The Treasure is a solar-powered audio Bible.
(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

“Even though they are suffering, God has given them such a heart for their tormentors, knowing that these individuals – the perpetrators of violence against them – need Jesus.”

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“From a strategic standpoint, Central Africa Republic is right at ‘Ground Zero.’ They are [geographically] on the line where Christianity and Islam collide,” Kelley says.

“We need to pour resources in there to raise leaders who won’t just stay in the CAR. They’re moving into Chad, Nigeria, Sudan; they’re moving into these Muslim-dominated areas that are the gateway to North Africa and the Middle East.”

Header image depicts the main street in Bangui, Central African Republic. (Photo courtesy of World Mission)