Date:                  March 24, 2021


Algeria (MNN) — Algeria bore the brunt of multiple human rights denigrations at yesterday’s virtual United Nations meeting. Criticisms ranged from refugee camp violations to forcible church closures.

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“All Protestant churches that were officially recognized at one point in time are now closed in Algeria. Recently, the government allowed other religions to reopen their places of worship, yet they have denied the applications by Protestant churches to reopen,” TransWorld Radio (TWR)’s Nathan Anderson says,

(Photo courtesy of TWR)

Following Christ leads to trouble in this North African nation. More about that here. Church used to be a place of respite, but now that’s gone, too.

“[Gathering at church] was their opportunity to engage with one another; talk and learn from the Lord, and learn from each other and fellowship. It’s been a very difficult time,” Anderson says.

Believers can still learn and grow online or through radio, thanks to TWR.

Programs like Thru the Bible bring Scripture and hope to persecuted Christians. “We’re developing a program for the Kabyle people of Algeria called Power In Persecution,” Anderson adds.

“It’s a 15-minute program that will be aired once a week. This program is a collection of testimonies from believers around the world [about] how God has helped them and strengthened them in the midst of persecution.”

Visit TWR’s website to help launch Power in Persecution. “Pray for this program to have an impact among the people of Algeria,” Anderson requests.

“Many of them are believers who find themselves in very difficult situations.”

Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Sheldon Kennedy/Unsplash.