USCIRF Reiterates its Call to Urgently Increase the Refugee Ceiling
Police persecution of Xiamen Xunsiding Church "backfires"
Myanmar crisis sends refugees to Bangladesh and India
Pakistani Christians at risk following TLP unrest
ISIS Executes Sinai Christian
‘Bring back our 112 Chibok girls – now and alive!’ Demands for closure and disclosure 7 years on
Heated debate surrounds India’s religious freedom status
Act Now: Ban Anti-Conversion Laws in India
ISWAP Releases Video of Attack on Damasak, Nigeria
Turkish City To Build On Historic Monastery Land
Announcement of Anti-Conversion Law Initiates Wave of Persecution in Southern India
Catholic Orphanage for the Disabled in Hebei to be Shut Down
Christian Pastor Paraded, Injured, Forced into Hindu Ritual
Licensing of Egyptian Churches Reaches Halfway Mark
Christians Express Solidarity With Myanmar Muslims as Tatmadaw Kill Man Outside Mosque
Turkey: Priest Jailed; Christian Crisis in the Making
Please Continue to Pray for Vietnamese and Nigerian Christians
Court to hold hearing for Chongqing Mount of Olive Church
Send an encouraging word to sister Zhang in prison
Christians Confined to Home by Police, Tribal Threats in India
USCIRF Alarmed by Deteriorating Religious Freedom Conditions & Security in Nigeria
USCIRF Releases Report on Antisemitism in Europe and Implications for U.S. Policy
Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church reports recent mysterious return of CCP confiscated items
Azerbaijan Opens “Trophy Park” Celebrating Genocide
RUSSIA: Flagship Protestant colleges stripped of right to offer higher education
How to pray for Muslims during Ramadan 2021
India’s Supreme Court Affirms Religious Freedom and Rejects Ban on Religious Conversions
“Transformation Centers” to Detain Chinese Christians Exist but Not the Norm
Abducted Priest Freed in Nigeria
Survivors of the 2019 Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka File Lawsuit Against Members of Former Government

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