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Date:                      May 25, 2021


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Is Communism Still a
Global Threat?
Communism was upheld by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as an answer to corruption and greed. They vowed it would eliminate conflict between the classes, or “the exploitation of one part of society by the other.” In theory, it would create a utopian paradise on earth. In reality, however, it was what The Voice of the Martyrs founder Richard Wurmbrand — who spent 14 years in Communist prisons for his faith — called the “principal enemy.”

After being ransomed out of Communist Romania and arriving in the West, Richard Wurmbrand boldly spoke out about Communism’s effects on Christians and Christianity:

I cannot agree with what even well-known evangelists and mission directors are saying, that the principal foe today is the materialism of the West. Today the principal enemy is Communism. Capitalism might have its evils, but it gives to the church the liberty to work at the salvation of souls. Communism … uproots religion. The missionary energies must be concentrated upon the Communist lands.
Although he wrote these words in 1969, at the peak of the Cold War and with the threat of Communist Cuba just 90 miles from Florida, they are still relevant today. Communism has a global influence that continues to threaten and oppress God’s people.

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Map showing areas of the world Christians are significantly oppressed by Communism today
While China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba are considered some of the last Communist nations, the ideology remains influential in several other countries, such as India and Nepal. And in restricted nations like Eritrea and North Korea, dictatorial leaders educated in Communist doctrine apply the ideology’s values without a Communist political party.

Communism is not dead.

As economically empowered Communist nations strengthen and expand their global influence, their governments continue to actively persecute our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. And contrary to the ideals of Marx and Engels, Communist and Communist-influenced countries around the world are rife with corruption, greed and gross social injustice.

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