Persecution persists in Algeria despite leadership change
CUBA | Religious Leaders Targeted Amid Nationwide Protests
Eritrean soldiers destroy two refugee camps in Ethiopia
Pakistani Christians blamed for bombing
Pastor in India Driven from Home after Police Torture, Threats
Unrest in Mozambique Displaces Thousands
School in Pakistan Covers Up Rape of Christian Student
Secretary of State Blinken Announces Plans to Appoint IRF Ambassador
China’s Latest Ban of Christian Content on Social Media
The Sahel: Africa's Afghanistan? Christians Imperiled.
Christians in Pakistan Suffer Court Setback in Child Marriages/Conversions
Ten Killed in New Attacks by Fulani Militants in Christian-Majority Southern Kaduna State
Millions Pushed Into Food Insecurity by Covid-19, According to Oxfam Report
Police Superintendent in India Orders “Consistent Watch” on Christian Activity
Chinese Pastors Instructed to Preach From Xi Jinping’s Speech Marking Communist Party Centenary
Indonesian Christians Confronted With Covid Burial Extortion
Three Churches in Algeria Once Again Forced to Close
Area in Nigeria Attacked Unimpeded for One Week, Sources Say
Please continue to pray for India's Christians
Christian Father Charged after Hindus Attack Daughter in India
Muslim Brother of Christian Attacks Him with Machete
At Least 20 Nigerians Killed in Terror Attack
CCP Unveils Propaganda Exhibit on Christianity in Shanghai
Libyan Church Faces Eviction After 51 Years
Ten Canadian Churches Targeted by Vandals
China: Xuncheng Reformed Church in the Fire
Eighteen Killed in Christian-Majority Southern Kaduna State by Suspected Fulani Islamist Militants
Iranian Christian Convert Summoned to Serve Sentence After Appeal Is Rejected
Sudanese Government Adviser in Christian Affairs Assaulted and Threatened
Uzbekistan’s New Religion Law Retains Restrictions Despite Cosmetic Changes

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