Please continue to pray for Cuba


Date:  July 31, 2021

‘Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up…’

In Luke 18, Jesus tells a story about a persistent widow and an unjust judge. She would not stop asking for justice until the judge eventually was moved to action.

The persistent widow inspires us to keep on pursuing justice in prayer and protest. But we should also be encouraged that God is nothing like the unjust judge, who withheld justice until the widow wore him down.

We trust that God is already working to transform Cuba, so let’s keep on praying big, bold prayers over the nation, as the nationwide protests continue. These began on 11 July in response to Cuba’s economic crisis and a record surge in coronavirus cases, but have been met with violence and arrests.

Two pastors released

Thank you for faithfully praying for pastors Yéremi Blanco and Yarian Sierra. After nearly two weeks in prison, the pastors were released to house arrest on 24 July.

This is a significant answer to prayer! However, they should never have been arrested at all and charges against them have not yet been dropped. This means they could still return to prison with lengthy sentences.

‘I have run out of strength…’

Meanwhile, Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo has been imprisoned and incommunicado since 11 July. His wife Maridilegnis told us she has had no proof that he is alive, and the authorities have made threats against her son if she continues to speak out.

Maridilegnis said: ‘No one would let me see him, they haven’t even allowed us a phone call… I have run out of strength; how hard it is to pass through the valley of death. But I will not fear anything, I know that [God] is with us.’

Be encouraged by the release of Yéremi and Yarian that your prayers really do make a difference!

In summary, please pray:

  • Giving thanks for the release of Yéremi and Yarian, and ask for all charges against them to be dropped.
  • That God will answer our prayers again and release Pastor Lorenzo as well.
  • For the Holy Spirit to comfort and care for the families of all three pastors – particularly for Lorenzo’s children, who are still living through the trauma of their father’s disappearance.
  • For transformative change in Cuba that leads to true freedom for every citizen.

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