July Update:­ Boldly Speaking Out For Religious Freedom & Liberty

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Date:                    July 30, 2021


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Welcoming Wang Jingyu and Wu Huan To The Netherlands!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Wang and Wu over the last few months as they've experienced horrendous persecution from the Chinese Communist Party. Both are safely in the Netherlands and are applying for asylum! If you haven't already, visit the ChinaAid website to read their statement and one of the threatening emails they recieved from Chinese officials. 

Please pray for the Lord's grace and favor on Wang and Wu as they move through the asylum process. 

"Anybody who messes with the CCP [gets] a bleeding, broken head"

ChinaAid President Bob Fu was a guest on the Hank Unplugged podcast to share about China, Communism, and Christianity. Bob spoke passionately about the Chinese Communist Party's war on Christians and how despite persecution, the Lord remains in control. Check out the podcast here!

This week, ChinaAid reporters wrote on an order from the Xinxiang Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs. It bans Christians from participating in flood relief work in the name of Christianity or church.

Read more on the ChinaAid website how faithful Christians across China continue, despite persecution, to donate their time and money to help fellow citizens in the wake of disaster. 

Please keep all those who face persecution in your prayers, along with the persecutors in the Chinese Communist Party  

IRF Summit 2021 Recap: A Powerful Week For Religious Freedom

A ChinaAid delegation travelled to Washington D.C. in mid-July to participate in the 2021 International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit. During a panel discussion, Bob Fu stressed how Chinese officials manipulate the meaning of the Chinese constitution in the name of sinicization. 

Gulzira Auelkhan, a survivor of the concentration camps in Xinjiang, testified virtually about her persecution before the Lantos Human Rights Commission. 

ChinaAid also hosted two side events during the summit. 

Click here to tell the Chinese Communist Party, "Yes, I remember the persecuted faithful!"

P.S. We've made a YouTube playlist with several highlight videos from the IRF Summit. Follow this link to check them out!

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