Date:                  August 9, 2021


ChinaAid family, 

ABC News Nightline aired the second part of their reporting on Gulzira Auelkhan's persecution in Xinjiang and her family's adjustement to life in the United States in early August. 

In Part Two, ABC News reports on efforts to clamp down on Chinese goods possibly made by those imprisoned in camps across Xinjiang.  There's also some great shots of the ChinaAid office from when Bob Woodruff and his team visited to interview Gulzira.  

Watch to the end of the video for some great footage of Gulzira's daughter Bayan playing and enjoying life in Texas!

"I want her to be free, to learn English well and see the whole world," Gulzira says about seven-year-old Bayan.

Be sure to watch part one of ABC's reporting if you've not already, where Gulzira describes some of the horrific persecution she endured while jailed in Xinjiang. 

Click here for part one of ABC Nightline's reporting

Click here for part two of ABC Nightline's reporting 

Please join me in keeping Gulzira, her family, and all who are unjustly jailed by the Chinese Communist Party in your prayers!  My hope are these ABC News reports help many more across the world understand the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Finally, make sure to share these videos with your family and friends. Your voice speaking out boldly for freedom is so important and needed more than ever!

Serving the persecuted with you, 

Bob Fu