Date:                  August 10, 2021


Grateful mom and grandma of children who appreciate ChinaAid's gift.

(Photo: Nanle County co-workers)

(Nanle County, Henan Province—August 10, 2021) ChinaAid received the following "Thank you..." letter from Nanle County Church leaders, co-workers in Christ*:

Dear ChinaAid,

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for your gift.... for your Sunday School in a Box (SSIB) gifts./

Your love and generosity make us grateful moms and grandmas of children who appreciate the precious gifts they received... the Bible players/SSIB ChinaAid sent.

Copy of "Thank you..." letter from Nanle County co-workers in Christ.

(Photo: ChinaAid)

Due to China’s current, general environment, many children cannot attend worship services as they typically would. Plus, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banning many online resources, and other various factors adversely affect children’s spiritual growth. Sometimes, it seems impossible to "normally" pass the faith down to our next generation. At this moment, your treasured, valuable SSIB gifts arrived.Using animation, the Bible players ChinaAid sent explicitly teach our children, our next generation, the truth in a way that interests them; that they understand. This touches our hearts so that we cannot hold back our tears. Through you, we see Jesus’s love in action… love—more than all we imagine. We know that our Heavenly Father knows what we need.We will pass each Bible player to the person who needs it. Out of safety concerns, we did not ask for photos from all who received a gift, but we are sharing a few pictures, however, to confirm they received them.

As we watched kids and their parents beaming when receiving their gifts, our hearts filled with gratitude. On behalf of each person who received ChinaAid’s gift—thank you….


Two children seeing truth and love in action.

(Photo: Nanle County co-workers)

We will encourage parents and kids to cherish their gifts. We pray that as each our our youth use and learn from their Bible players/SSIB, their heart’s longing for the Lord’s Word will drive them to earnestly listen to, learn, and cherish God’s truth.Thank you for your unselfish love and donation. I believe the best reward will be that because our next generation can clearly know Jesus, they will love and serve Him.May the Lord remember and bless each one of you.
Nanle County co-workers

July 30, 2021


*Esther Zhang forwarded


We will not hide them from their children, 

Telling to the generation to come

 the praises of the Lord, 

And His strength and His wonderful works 

that He has done.

                                                                                ~ Psalm 78:4 (NKJV)

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