Date:                         August 13, 2021


Gao Zhisheng, Christian human rights lawyer, prior to his CCP enforced "disappearance."

 (Photo: The Epoch Times)

(ChinaAid, Midland, TX—August 13, 2021) On August 13, ChinaAid received a copy of a statement that Geng He, Gao Zhisheng’s wife, wrote. Today marks the fourth anniversary of his Chinese Communist Party (CCP) "enforced" disappearance. Geng He shared the following:


During the past four years that Gao Zhisheng has been abducted, I have never heard his voice. No person nor any unit has verified that he is still alive, 


Although I dreamed multiple times that he died, I could never forget him. Yesterday, he appeared in my dream again, telling me that he is still alive, and that he will reunite with me and our kids soon. In my dream, he appears thin, but very real and vivid. When I started to ask him something, I woke up from the dream….


In the past 16 years, CCP officials—the darkest and most shameless authorities in the world—have completely torn down, and deliberately destroyed our "average" family. Even today, I still insist that Gao Zhisheng, unlike the ambitious revolutionist the CCP propagates, stuck to his conscientiousness while working as an attorney. Nevertheless, he exposed the anti-human crimes the CCP committed, and let the world know the malice the Party promotes.


Consequently, my husband paid the cost beyond a normal person’s imagination. In total, as Gao Zhisheng has lost freedom for 16 years, his family has fallen apart. He has endured appalling tortured too many times. My two underage children and I fled to another country. One of our daughters whom CCP police insulted, and beat has not yet fully healed from the trauma. Our 5-year-old child who has not seen her dad since his disappearance has to look at photos to recall what he looks like, Now, in the era she needs her dad, she experiences the void of her father's love. Gao Zhisheng’s biological elder sister, one of the people who loved him most, jumped into a river and committed suicide right after the CCP had abducted him three years earlier….

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the day CCP authorities last abducted Gao Zhisheng ... after four years—1,460 days in total—I have run out of tears. At one time, I believed that the malicious CCP had murdered Gao Zhisheng. Now, however, I know that I should not give up.


My husband and I have known each other for 36 years..., we have been married for 31. I still believe I must find him—dead or alive. even if in the uttermost parts of the earth... even if the seas go dry... even if rocks crumble.


I no longer believe CCP authorities will lay down the killing knife and turn into a Buddha and set Gao free. I still just want someone in the Party to answer my phone call, however, and tell me my husband is still alive. 


If the humble request that I, an average housewife, make cannot be met, I will spend the rest of my life and all resources I have gained in the past more than 10 years in the United States making international sanctions against three people: 

  •  Hu Minglang—the former Director of Shaanxi Public Security Department, 
  • Xu Datong—the current director of Shaanxi Public Security Department, and 
  • Zhuang Changxing—Shaanxi Politics and Law Committee Secretary.  

Sanctions I request against these three CCP agents include freezing their assets, deporting their intermediate family members, etc. Because the current Minister of Public Security and former Minister of Public Security failed to stop Shaanxi Department of Public Security’s misconduct, they are my next targets. I also reserve the right to file sanctions against these two Ministers of Public Security.


During the past 16 years, CCP authorities have underestimated Gao Zhisheng’s determination and stamina. They have not conquered him. Now, they should know my determination. A Chinese tale notes that Meng Jiangnv’s bitter weeping collapsed the Great Wall. I may not ruin the Great Wall, but I am confident that I will let CCP high-ranking officials of politics and law... those who fatten themselves drinking people’s life-blood, know—you will lose all you have obtained in your wild-goose chase years.


I pray that God watches over me and gives me courage to confront the CCP demons. I also ask all good and conscientious people to help me... to share more information and clues with me so that I can find Gao Zhisheng, my mal/mistreated, missing husband.


Geng He


August 13, 2021


You number my wanderings; 

Put my tears into Your bottle; 

Are they not in Your book?

                                                       ~ Psalm 56:8 (NKJV)

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