Date:                    August 17, 2021


People in Afghanistan
How to Pray for Afghanistan Today

You have likely seen the news of the Taliban’s rapid advance in Afghanistan, including its control of the nation’s capital, Kabul. And you may have seen the video of Afghans clinging to departing planes, desperate to avoid the oppressive and violent abuses of radical Islam.

Followers of Jesus Christ — our brothers and sisters — live in every province of Afghanistan. They know that in the eyes of the Taliban they are infidels who deserve death.

Many Christians, upon seeing the Taliban’s advance, have moved either to a neighboring country or to a larger city where they are less likely to be identified as Christians. Some, however, have told front-line workers that they felt called by God to stay where they are, despite the danger.

The Afghan members of our Christian family treasure our prayers during this time of trial. Here are some specific ways you can pray for them:


  1. PRAY FOR GOD’S PROTECTION. The situation on the ground is fluid right now. Pray for God’s protection over His people.

  2. PRAY FOR WISDOM. Ask God to bless our brothers and sisters with discernment as they decide whether to stay or go and even with whom they should talk.

  3. PRAY FOR FELLOWSHIP. Believers in Afghanistan often must keep their faith a secret — even from family members. Pray that God will help each Afghan believer to connect and fellowship with at least one other believer in person, by phone or through some other technology. Pray that God will remind them that they are not alone, but are part of the global body of Christ.

More Ways to Pray