US removes Nigeria from religious freedom list
Hindu priest calls for beheading of Christians
Christian couple's appeal rejected, facing seven years in jail
Journalist arrested after reporting on attacks against Christians in Nigeria
Two of 17 abducted missionaries and children released in Haiti
Armenian Church leaders “deeply concerned” about Azerbaijani aggression
Fears abducted 12-year-old Christian girl will be forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim
EGYPT | Muslim Reformist Thinker, Lawyer Sentenced
Christian in Pakistan Sentenced to Death for 'Blasphemy' Acquitted
Persecution parallels between Uganda, Nigeria raise concern
INDIA | Journalists Arrested for Anti-Muslim Riot Reporting
Please Prayerfully Remember the Suffering Children of the World
Bob Fu Exposes Second Cultural Revolution At IDOP Event
Elder and co-workers of Early Rain Qingcaodi Church arrested
Deadly clashes reflect Sudan’s instability
SUDAN | Judge Dismisses Church Application
US | Concerns Raised about Omissions from Countries of Particular Concern List
Historic Bail for Nurses Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan, Lawyer Says
USCIRF Releases New Policy Update on Preserving Religious Freedom in Sudan
U.S. blocks refugee entry until Afghans resettled
Back-to-back suicide bombings stun Uganda
Christian Previously Beaten Lured into Lethal Trap, Sources Say
Turkish Television Series Pits Islam Against Christianity
Radicals Forcefully Detain Christians Gathered for Worship in Southern India
Nigeria: Two of 66 Abducted Worshippers Killed in Captivity
One Armenian Christian Killed, Three Wounded, by Azeri Gunfire
USCIRF Appalled at Administration’s Removal of Nigeria from List of Violators of Religious Freedom
ICC Publishes 2021 Persecutor of the Year Awards
Iran: Christians repressed, persecuted and jailed
USCIRF News Digest - November 16, 2021

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