Urgent prayer request for the children of Du Merci orphanage

Source:  www.csw.org.uk

Date:  December 27, 2021


During this Christmas season, as we celebrate Jesus coming to earth to set us free, I’m asking you to please pray for a family that needs a miracle.

We’ve just received credible and distressing information about the five young Du Merci children who were separated from their brothers and sisters and sent to a rural orphanage.

As you may recall, Mercy Tarfa, 4, Destiny Tarfa, 4, and Emmanuel Tarfa, 4, were forcibly relocated from the government-run home in Kano city to the orphanage in rural Gaya in January. Martha Tarfa, 5, and Esther Tarfa, 8, were also transferred there in March.

Heartbreaking information has emerged from the orphanage in Gaya

The five children are reportedly thin, unkempt and withdrawn. They have all been given Muslim names and can’t even remember their original ones. Although English used to be their first language, they can now only communicate in Hausa.

Troublingly, the children are allegedly made to recite Arabic, study Islam and attend prayers in the mosque. Significantly, there are only 10 children in the entire orphanage, all of whom appeared frightened and withdrawn.

Not forgotten

Although Mercy, Destiny, Emmanuel, Martha and Esther may not remember their names, God has not forgotten these children. Please join us in praying for miraculous breakthrough as we continue to work on this case.

Please pray:

  • That God would protect, heal and swiftly restore all of the children in the Gaya orphanage to their parents. Matthew 18:6, Psalm 91
  • For the return of the children still held in the Nasarawa Children’s Home. Psalm 124:7
  • For comfort and encouragement for the entire Tarfa family during this lengthy and difficult ordeal. Psalm 121
  • For Professor Tarfa’s vindication during the February hearing of his final trial on false charges. Psalm 26:1

Thank you for continuing to pray with us for this wonderful family.

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