Update: Burmese Army Massacre on Christmas Eve

Source:                  www.christianfreedom.org

Date:                       December 28, 2021


Video: Sounds of gunfire on Burma’s border,
near Christian Freedom International’s school

On Christmas Eve, Burma’s Army massacred at least 35 people, including elders, women and children.
Villagers say the people were fleeing to a refugee camp. One told Reuters, “I went to see this morning. I saw dead bodies that had been burned, and also the clothes of children and women spread around.”
Photos posted by human rights groups show charred bodies in the back of a truck.
U.S. and UN officials condemned Burma’s atrocities. The U.S. said it is appalled by the “barbaric attack in Kayah state that killed at least 35 civilians, including women and children” In a joint statement, countries called on “the regime to immediately cease its indiscriminate attacks in Karen state and throughout the country,”
About 200 miles south of the massacre, the sound of armed fighting at Burma’s border was caught on video. Stray bullets and a flood of refugees are landing across the river in Thailand near Christian Freedom International’s school for persecuted Christians.
The Thai governor of Tak province ordered border districts to prepare supplies and shelters for more refugees.
Victory Bible Academy, Christian Freedom International’s school, is assisting with emergency aid.
Many of Victory’s students and staff had previously escaped from Burma. For decades, the Buddhist nationalist military has destroyed churches, homes and crops, raped and kidnapped villagers to be used for forced labor, and killed civilians.
Please pray for Victory’s staff and students who are strategically placed and trained to help in this crisis.
Pray for Christian Freedom International’s graduate students who are missionaries in Burmese villages.
Pray for righteousness and justice to prevail.
Thank you for your support for Christian Freedom International at this critical time.


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