This Week At ChinaAid: Chinese Communist Party Persecutes Believers During The Holidays


Date:                        December 31, 2021


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Hello from the ChinaAid office, 

We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful across China. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China as we endeavor to expose the abuses, encourage the abused, and equip the leaders.  

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Crackdown On Religious Content Coming In March Across China
A new report from Bitter Winter details how a recent legislative decision by the Chinese Communist Party means religious content on the Internet will be severely restricted for Chinese citizens. 

As Bitter Winter notes, 

"The Measures follows complaints by President Xi Jinping that prohibitions against using the Internet to “advertise” religion are easily eluded, and more should be done to make sure that the Internet and social networks are not used as tools for “religious propaganda.”

The Measures require an “Internet Religious Information Service License,” which can only be granted to organizations part of the five authorized religions (since they should be “legally established,” which is only possible within the five government-controlled organization), to disseminate religious content via the Internet. Any other reference to religion on the web is declared illegal."

Please keep all those across China who face persecution for their faith in your prayers.  

Christmas Persecution Against Christians
ChinaAid reporters documented several instances of persecution against Christians over the last several days as Communist officials continue their war on the cross. 

- Read how several Christian families were surveilled during Christmas by unknown individuals. Visit ChinaAid's website to read the report and see some of the photos of the unknown people.  

- On Christmas, Early Rain Covenant Church Elder Hao Ming's wife recieved the official arrest notice issued for her husband. Read the story detailing the persecution against several Early Rain Covenant Church members and to see a photo of Elder Hao.

- Education officials in Liuzhou issued a directive on December 20th banning participation in Christmas activities for all primary, secondary, and kindergarten schools, teachers, and students. Read the full translated notice on ChinaAid's website

- Police arrested Early Rain Covenant Church Elder Li Yingqiang on Christmas Eve for "disturbing social order." Elder Li had plans to preach during a Christmas Eve online seminar. After his arrest, Elder Li's 10 year daughter wrote the following poem

In the deep dark night
Waiting for the dawn to break
God is always present
No matter day or night
In the deep dark night
Look upon the starry night
Bright start blinks
God is guiding us the way
In the deep dark night
Even among tribulation and despair
God sustains us unfailingly
He brings us comfort and hope
In the light of dawn

Please keep the Chinese Communist Party persecutors in your prayers and all those who have faced persecution this holiday season 

Update On Serikzhan Bilash: Most Wanted Status Rescinded
A ChinaAid article from December 11th details how Kazakh human rights activist Serikzhan Bilash released police documents addressed to the Almaty city court that "sought to prove to the Court and the Kazakh government that Serikzhan absconded his probation, justifying a “most wanted” status. 

Now in late December, the Kazakhstan goverment has decided to not place Serikzhan on the most wanted list. 

However, Radio Free Asia published an article detailing threats made against Serikzhan and his family. Visit ChinaAid's website to read more about how the president of a pro-Chinese organization in Kazakhstan threatened to kill Serikzhan and his three children. 

Please keep Serikzhan, his family, and his fellow team members who endeavor for human rights in your prayers

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