Date:                      October 6, 2021

Nigeria (MNN) — Church officials in Nigeria’s Kaduna state call last week’s Fulani militant attack a ‘massacre’. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom this week also condemned these instances of violence against religious communities in Nigeria.

Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs USA says these attacks continue with increasing frequency. The Nigerian government seems incapable of stopping this violence against Christians.  “I think there certainly is frustration in northern Nigeria among the Christian community,” Nettleton says.

“Why did these attacks keep happening? There’s frustration with the Nigerian government. Why can’t you put a stop to these? Why can’t you protect your Christian citizens?”

The church leadership in these communities tries to limit violent reprisals by Christians against those who have attacked them. Ask God to give them endless grace.

Ways to help

With compassion fatigue, the plight of Christians in Nigeria gets overlooked. But Jesus remains with His Nigerian people. VOM USA offers ways you can help them. Nettleton says, “The Voice of the Martyrs has provided food help and even some housing help to those who have been displaced by these kinds of attacks. So we can provide practical necessities for them.” You can support this work by donating here.

Nettleton suggests an additional way to help the situation. “Make sure that our government leaders are paying attention to what’s happening. Make sure that this doesn’t slide under their radar. And the way we do that is to let them know that we as voters, we care about our brothers and sisters in northern Nigeria.”

Ask God to protect and strengthen your Nigerian brothers and sisters.

The header photo shows motorcycles amid other traffic in Nigeria. (Photo courtesy of  Oluwaseyi Aiyeobasan from Pixabay)