Date:                        October 12, 2021


Chung Yuan's prison notice
(Photo: ChinaAid source)


(Hunan Province, China—October 11, 2021) Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials released the new address for imprisoned lawyer Cheng Yuan. However, due to COVID-19, his visitation has been suspended.


Cheng Yuan is a renowned civil rights activist in Changsha, Hunan Province. He founded Changsha Funeng as a law firm to represent individuals with AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis B. Cheng became prestigious in 2013 after one of his clients successfully received legal compensation in a discrimination case. 


In 2019, Cheng was placed under residential surveillance. Police suspected him and Changsha Funeng on charges of "subversion of State power." A secret trial sentenced Cheng to five years in prison and his associates (Liu Dazhi and Wu Ge Jianxiong) to two and three years respectively.


ChinaAid translated the official prison notice sent to Cheng Yuan's father:


Comrade Cheng Changzhuang,

Convict Cheng Yuan, your son, was sentenced to 5 years on May 25, 2021 by Changsha Municipal People’s Court on a charge of subverting state power and assigned to our prison on September 15, 2021 by Changsha Detention Center. The visit day of our prison is Wednesday, one visit each month, only the intermediate family is allowed to visit, nothing should be brought in during the visit, ID and Household Register should be carried to verify your kinship. Visit is suspended due to the pandemic until further notice.

The prison encourages family to motivate the convict to actively transform themselves during the imprisonment. Family can stay in touch with the convict via mail, the mailing address is Jinshi Prison Zone 6, Caijiahe community, Jinshi city, Hunan Province, ZIP CODE 415400. The route to the prison: departure---Changde city, Hunan province—Jinshi city—Jinshi Prison.

We look forward to transforming and educating Convict Cheng Yuan with you together and hope that Convict Cheng Yuan actively transforms himself and will start a new chapter soon!

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