Date:  October 8, 2021

Israel (International Christian Concern) – Muad Hib, a 27-year-old man living in northern Israel, was charged with the murder of his mother, Rasha Muklasha, after her conversion from Islam to Christianity. Muklasha separated from her husband and children in 2006, relocated, and converted.

The two reconnected after the passing of Hib’s father. Hib set up a time to meet his mother on August 5, with the intention of killing her. After picking her up, Hib strangled his now-Christian mother, killing her and disposing of her body, burying it near the Jordan River.

Prosecutors say that Muklasha’s conversion was the primary motive for the murder, which had greatly angered Hib. Hib has been arrested and now faces charges for the murder.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for comfort for Muklasha’s loved ones following her passing. Pray for Muad Hib to come to know Christ. Pray for him to be held accountable for this act of violence.