Date:                      October 13, 2021


Christian CDs "handcuffed" in 2003.

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(ChinaAid, Midland, TX—October 13, 2021) An April 30, 2006 ChinaAid post, "Reeducation through labor camp, the darkest place," shares Wang Guizhen's testimony. Sister Wang, 38- years-old at that time, said: "I received the grace of God and believed in Christ in 1984." Chinese Communist Party (CCP) documents record:
In November 2003, Wang sold illegal CD, "testimony of Yuan Zhiming", "Life of Jesus" "Hymns of Canna" to a shop owner in Guangming Road at the price of 5 yuan each CD. There are contents of "6 4 event" in the last episode of "testimony of Yuan Zhiming."

The facts above are based on:

  • the statement of Wang
  • the witnesses of Zhang Xinxia, Cheng Meirong, and other 11 people
  • two sets of appraisal documents for illegal audio and video products from the committee  of electronic publication census and appraisal of Henan Province (the document numbers are Census 071, and 072 respectively)
  • the report material from Bureau of Nationality and Religion Affairs of Yuan Hui District,  Luohe City
  • the objects held as exhibit

According to "the Decision of reeducation through labor made by the State council," , also referencing to the "temporary method concerning reeducation through labor," now it is decided that Wang Guizhen will be reeducated through labor for 1 year and 9 months. and the crime tools, such as the computer and its accessories, illegal CD is to be confiscated according to the law. Since Wang was in detention before this decision, the time in detention is to be deducted. Thus the reeducation period is from 26 July 2004 to 25 April 2006.

Testimonial Certificate for release from reeducation through labor.


Wang Guizhen, 38 years old, female, 223 Xingzhuang village, from Chengguan town, Linying County. She was reeducated from 26th June 2004 and now is dismissed for it comes the end of the appointed time period.


In her testimony, Sister Wang recounted the time she served in prison—the hell in the world, and labor camp, perhaps the darkest place in the world:


It was in 25th July 2004, the policemen surrounded our rented house at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and we were sent to the detention house by the accusation of subverting the government. We were locked in there for 8 months, suffered all the inhuman torment. Because we are political offender, our quilts were sent to us without the covers, only cotton. It was so cold without enough quilts that my face and leg were frostbitten, and my leg festered to an extent that even the bone was exposed. There are scars in my leg till now.


We were formally arrested after 37 days in the detention house. The procuratorate issued the information notice for entrusting defender lawyer after 3 months, but took it back later, luring and threatening me to work for "three self church," which was refused by us.

Finally we were shifted to the detention house of public security bureau. In 14th March 2005, the public security bureau sent me to the reeducation through labor camp in Zhengzhou.

The reeducation through labor camp is perhaps the darkest place in the world. It even lacks any basis in the constitution and code of crime. After I was sent there, they supervised me closely after they read my accusation. Every morning the prisoners should sing songs to praise the camp and its staff, but I refused to do so. Nor did I participate in the festival cantata. I often helped the believers in the camp to appeal and wrote complaint letter for them.

I was not allowed to pray, and read the Bible. Thus I wrote and sang. Not willing to acknowledge his failure on me, the evil one made someone instigate the drug adductors [sic] to pound on my head. I lost the sight of my left eye immediately, and from 11 November 2005, I became paralyzed, I still could not walk until February 2006. Nevertheless they still forced me to work.
The overloaded labor regardless of illness and disability in the camp ruined my health, I suffered from various illnesses when I was released. I have recovered basically through prayer.


By God's protection, I was released in 10th March 2006, 18 days later than my husband. Now we can praise, pray, [and] read the Bible freely.


In a June 10, 2021 article, "New details of torture, cover-ups in China's internment camps revealed in Amnesty International report," Anna Schecter of NBC News Digital confirmed that CCP authorities still operate labor/reeducation camps like Sister Wang survived.


Every former camp detainee Amnesty interviewed in the report recounted cruel and degrading treatment, including torture. The report, released Thursday, is based on interviews with 108 people, including 55 camp survivors and several government cadres who worked in the camps.

As part of an attempt to hide camp conditions from the world, Chinese officials created a massive, nearly week-long bonfire, burning as many documents as could be found from an office overseeing the camps, according to an ex-cadre who spoke to Amnesty and whose identity has been concealed for his safety.

The report also gives a behind the scenes look at the "tours" of the camps that the government gives to international journalists, which are meant to paint the facilities, which Chinese officials call "re-education camps," in a positive light.


Today, as Sister Wang's testimony and other former camp detainees expose the CCP's attempts to fabricate positive reports of "re-education camps," her story encourages other Christians throughout the world. 





And this gospel of the kingdom 

will be preached in all the world

as a witness to all the nations,

and then the end will come.

                                                     ~ Matthew 24:14 (NKJV)

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