Date:                    October 19, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — The struggle against gang violence intensifies in Haiti. Christian missionaries from the United States and Canada were kidnapped this weekend in Port-au-Prince.

Twelve adults and five children were working in an orphanage supported by Christian Aid Ministries when a notorious gang abducted them. Authorities from the U.S., Canada, and Haiti exchanged calls yesterday, working jointly to secure the believers’ safe release.

Fear and chaos have taken control of Haiti following the deadly attack on President Moïse in July and a devastating earthquake in August. Heavily armed gang members forced Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his security detail to leave a commemoration event on Sunday.

“People who live there would not encourage short-term mission trips into the south, particularly not into Port au Prince, because it just isn’t safe. There’s no order; it’s ruled by the gangs,” For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says.

“Since the assassination of the President, there’s no law and order in Port au Prince; even the people who live there are afraid.”

A 2018 team member helps unpack and organize supplies for For Haiti With Love’s burn clinic.
(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

For Haiti With Love hasn’t hosted any short-term mission trips since 2018 because of the gang problems and COVID-19. Haiti received a half-million COVID-19 vaccines from the U.S. this summer, but only 20,354 people have been fully vaccinated.

“Haiti is returning the vaccines to the United States so they won’t expire,” De Hart says.

Ask the Lord to strengthen believers in Haiti so they can help people in the name of Jesus. “Pray for peace of mind; pray for God’s intervention against this fear factor,” De Hart says.

“Fear is a horrible thing that’s going on right now.”

Header image is a map of Haiti overlaid by the Haitian flag. (Wikimedia Commons)